आयोजना निर्देशन समिति बैठक सम्पन्न

On 6th of November 2020 (Kartik 23rd): Project Steering Committee(PSC) meeting for RERP was held at the meeting hall of Ministry of Industries, Commerce and Supplies (MoICS). Chandra Kumar Ghimire, MoICS  Secretary and Chairperson for PSC led the meeting.

PSC members such as from─ National Planning Commission, Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Ministry of Forest and Environment, Nepal Rastra Bank including RERP partner organization representative AEC made presence in the meeting.

The PSC meeting agendas were to update progress and disseminate information about the recent RERP Remote Supervision Mission 1-19 October and the actions agreed with mission.

Honorable Minister from Ministry of Industries, Commerce and Supplies─ Lekhraj Bhatta also sent his congratulation and best wishes message to the Project team for the successful implementation of project activities in the field. In the message, Minister said that ─ "MoICS is ready to help proceed RERP from every corner for its successful completion, replication and successful exit”.    

PSC Chairperson and Secretary of MoICS including the PSC members congratulated entire RERP team for being graduated to moderately satisfactory(score=4 out of 6) compared to a rating of highly unsatisfactory. Mr Secretary remarked on his notes for; the regular Monitoring & Evaluation and evidence based fieldwork. He added, ─ “MoICS is very impressed on the development agendas of RER Project and therefore, the Ministry is trying to replicate this modality in the Sudurpaschim and Karnali Provinces”.

Project Manager Shalik Ram Dahal briefed on activities of recent mission visit to the project and updated about the project. Together Ajaya Bartaula ─ Account Officer made presentation on the progress status of recent fiscal year.

The members of PSC provided valuable inputs for successful delivery of project focusing on how to achieve productive National Development outcomes via RERP as the Government of Nepal led project. Its monitoring & evaluation aspects then about quality of the job to be done for successful exit plan.  

In his end note, Ghimire stressing on the national need requested to PSC members for needed support to help accelerate RER Project for successful completion from all levels. At the same time, Secretary expressed his full commitment in accomplishing project activities within the time frame as well as for needed support in the field level.