Farmers Develop Fish Farming Culture in Dhangadimai of Siraha

25 group members team is composed with 9 female and 16 male in Mithila Fish Production Farmer Group in Dhangadimai Municipality, Ward no 5 of Siraha with the support from RER Project in the FY 2076/77. Most of the inhabitants of area are under poverty line and are forced in labor work. Especially poor and oppressed class with low income resides here who suffer hands to mouth problem. Most of the youths are migrated for the foreign employment, whereas women are engaged in household chores and farming.

The members of the group were found involved in traditional fishing activities which they face numbers of problem to manage basic things. People here were frustrated because of lack of the knowledge and also to the access of very basic technological support to improvise fishery business. For example, farmers here were in need of water supply and drainage system that could result to higher income from their fishery business.

In such need, the presence of RER Project has been quite instrumental and farmers here today feel optimistic. RER Project therefore, has established the podium for fish farmers who could intensify fishery business to higher scale.

Now the fish farmers group covers about 20 hectares of land for fishery. The groups produce varieties of species like Rohu, Naini, Silver, Bibhet, Bhakur etc which has got very high demand in the local as well as in regional markets.

Since the intervention of the project, the farmers group here has become motivated in gaining opportunities including the financial and technical assistance to boost up their fishery business such as on production, stocking and marketing. Project has inclined them with basic knowledge on the procedures of appropriate fishery business. Farmers here are now aware about the disease, precaution, tools and technology through training and workshops program. They are granted with fund support too. After receiving the much needed financial support from the project, group members are triggered to lift their Fishery business. For example, farmers have managed to receive 5 motor, 4 Boring, 4 Fishing net and 4 weighing machine with the grant they received. Since they are working with these tools and equipment they feel convenient to uplift their entrepreneurship.

Drivendra Kumar Yadav, the president of Mithila Fish Production Farmer Group says, "it was troublesome to have good earnings in this business due to lack of proper water supply in the ponds but after being trained on ideas, I feel confident to raise this occupation". He adds,"we have bought the necessary tools and equipment that reduces our risk against loss."

Together Shiv Kumar Singh, the Secretary of the group added," we were facing problems because of the drought but now we do have motors and boring with which we can lift sufficient water for fish".

 Similarly, one of the female group members Sunita Kumari Mandal said, "We lacked proper nets and weighing machine. Due to which we were        unable to meet the market demand on time. But now the project has granted us with needed equipment, therefore we can gather huge volume of fish from the pond. And meet the market demand timely."