Project Implements Farmers' Diary and Online Management Information System (MIS)

Project organized Farmers' Diary and Management Information System (MIS) training program for the project staffs.
The manual version of Farmers' Diary on selected 5 supply chains — Green Vegetable, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs), Fish, Milk and Goat will be filled out by field level staffs— both Economic Development Facilitators(EDFs) and Supply Chain Supervisors(SCSs) directly from the field. The collected manual data and information will be transferred using tablet for online based M&E system. The online M&E system in the project is developed in a manner where project information and knowledge could be extracted in detail and efficiently.
Farmers' Diary in the project is expected to be the major source of information where project will be able to record Poverty Probability Index (PPI), beneficiaries' baseline information, farmer's income and expenses details, production plan, investment plan, asset information and so on, on regular basis. Farmers' Diary ultimately helps farmers to be updated about their own plans.