Implementation Support Mission (ISM) conducted from 04 to 14 March 2019

An Implementation Support Mission (ISM) was conducted from 04 to 14 March 2019 to follow up on the progress made by the project and the government in implementing the agreed actions from the December 2018, Mid-Term Review. The ISM team included: Aryal Bashu, IFAD CPO; Nigel Smith, Team Leader; Hari Dhakal, Procurement Specialist; Sanjeev Shrestha, VC and Project Management Specialist; Bibiana Vasquez, Remittance and Migration specialist, IFAD FFR; Krishna Thapa, M&E and KM specialist.         

The main objectives of the Implementation Support Mission were to: I) review progress achieved against the agreed actions during the MTR; II) follow-up with GoN on the conclusions and outcome of the internal consultations on the restructuring of the project implementation arrangements proposed during the MTR and support the resolution of any outstanding issues; III) support the PMO in preparations for any agreed restructuring and alignment with the new federalism government structures such that any agreed restructuring can be implemented in time for the commencements of FY2019/2020; IV) review progress in addressing issues on procurement identified in the MTR; and V) review and support progress on the agreed M&E six month action plan.