लैंङ्गिक कार्य सिकाई कार्यशाला, लालगढ-धनुषा

Joint Programme on Accelerating Progress towards the Economic Empowerment of Rural Women (JP-RWEE) in support of RER Project organized Gender Action Learning System (GALS) workshop from 25th Feb- 2nd March, 2019 in Lalgadh, Dhanusha, Nepal. In total 30 participants for the first catalyst workshop were selected from Sarlahi and Rauthat district together with project staffs. The workshop was facilitated by International Technical Consultant Mrs Anja Rabe from Madagascar together with National Consultant Mr Tribhuban Poudel. The  3 basic tools of GALS i) Road Vision Journey ii) Gender Balance Tree & iii) Social Empowerment Map was practiced by participants as powerful tools of gender empowerment during 6 day workshop program.