कोभिड -१९ महामारीको बेला किसान संग "समृद्धि" आयोजना

The pandemic hits rural people and farmers the most who depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. During the the current lockdown imposed byt he Government of Nepal to tackle the spread of Covid-19, physical presence of RERP field staffs to project working communities is heavily limited. However, our staffs have been providing communication and coordination support from distance to Project generated Farmers Group on selected Supply Chain Commodities (eg Milk, Vegetable, Fish) and coordinating with Local & National Business with the expectation to continue Food Supply Chain.

Despite of the challenging circumstances our dairy and vegetable farmers from project working districts during lockdown maintain social distances with basic precautions and queue in discipline. In such way, farmers supply milk to the collection point as an idea to cope to the new situation. The local authority —Municipalities ensures transport of produce from farm to market.

Further, RER Project is continuing coordinated efforts with Municipalities where project supported farmers and municipalities play imperative role in this challenging circumstance.