आयोजना निर्देशन समिति वैठक सम्पन्न

3rd Shrawan 2076(19th July, 2019) The Rural Enterprises and Remittances(RER) Project organized, Project Steering Committee(PSC) meeting at the meeting hall of Government of Nepal- Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies(MoICS). The PSC meeting was chaired by the MoICS secretary Ms Yam Kumari Khatiwada accompanied by invitees from Government of Nepal's line ministries, RER Project Management Team together with representatives from service partners; HELVETAS Nepal and Agro Enterprise Centre (AEC).

Project Manager also the Member Secretary for PSC, Mr. Saroj Guragain facilitated the meeting. Subject Specialists from Project Management Office (PMO) Itahari, Sunsari updated on Project's progress achevied up to the FY 2075/76, presented guidelines and working documents for the proceeding of approval from PSC.

IFAD Nepal Program Officer- Mr Bashu Aryal spoke on quantitative achievement gained by RER Project within the 3.5 years period and strongly urged the PSC team members to help accelerate project implementation in time to meet Project's objectives and target.

MoICS, Secretary Ms Khatiwada during the meeting provided overall guidance and directed the team to speed up project activities from all level. Bringing a proposal in to the floor she advised to form a committee involving technical personnel and Project Manager as Member Secretary who could review and provide necessary feedback for guidelines/working papers and proceed for approval in the next PSC meeting.