कोरोना महामारी सन्दर्भमा आप्रवासी स्रोत र सूचना केन्द्र मार्फत सेवा

MRC/MID services amidst COVID-19  

The pandemic crisis caused by the spread of novel Corona Virus, RER Project run Migration Resource Centres (MRCs) and Migration Information Desks (MIDs)  in 14 local levels of Province 1 and 2 couldn’t operate after Chaitra 11, 2076 due to the imposed lockdown. The main motive of MRC/MID offices is to counsel and provide necessary guidelines to the prospect migrants, migrant workers for their safety and security and promote domestic opportunities. Due to the pandemic country now needs to adjust returnees in to the economy. The guidance from  MRC/MID staffs couldn’t be left at any cost.

RERP has modeled  new way out for the continuation of work of MRC/MID staffs. The access to good online server for all the clients still doesn’t look promising in Nepal due to unaffordable cost and difficult terrain. Therefore, the local  and Provincial FM radios were approached from the respective Municipality on behalf of RERP to play  radio jingles which would provide contact details of the counselors of the nearest MRC/MID. Now, MRC/MID have approach on counseling from home to the migrant workers and their families via phone and other online discourses. The MRC/MID staffs have also shared contact details in MRC/MID Facebook page and  local online network.

MRC/MID staff collected the returnee data from their respective municipalities, local wards and approached them to gather further details and expectations of the returnees. The staff often share that they receive calls about client doubts on deceased body of their beloved stranded abroad, claim for cheating cases and willingness about the reintegration from the local level.

The MRC/MID staffs are given timely guidelines and training from the RERP team and partner institutions, Center for Migration and International Relations (CMIR) and People Forum for increasing their dynamics in Counseling and case solving. A few trainings are in the form of webinar on the topics listed below conducted via Zoom Application.

Webinar 1: Impact of COVID-19 on Labour Migration (https://bit.ly/3etuSDF)

Webinar 2: Case Support to the Migrant worker and their Families (https://bit.ly/3eu4FVv)

Webinar 3: Issues of writ petition, interim order and to identify possible strategy for future and role of the Local Government (https://bit.ly/2BeaSqn)

Webinar 4: The Reintegration of Returnee Migrant Workers (https://bit.ly/3ddHyOT)