SAMRIDDHI'S FEEK-1 initiative opened my eyes

After returning from foreign employment, Bhim Thapa was idle and not engaged in any income-generating activity to support the family. Over time he was invited to participate in financial literacy (FL) training by Kanti Bachat tatha Rin Sahakari Sastha, Urlabari-6, Morang. He was not so much aware of what exactly would get taught in the training. "But it was so useful to our family's prosperity" he shares his experience. He added, after participating in FL training, I learnt so much about financial attributes which helped me to effectively manage both economic and family life".

After training he is aware and encouraged to be economically active. He learnt how to set the dream and make it true. Following the learning to FL classes he started working and earning as professional painter in the same village where he lives. For example, within 15 working days he was able to save 20,000 nepalese rupees, which he thinks is because of the encouragement he gained about earning and financial management ideas from FL classes.

Before participating in the training he also had some kind of mistrust about cooperatives and their services. Such as he did not have idea about saving and loan policy adopted by cooperatives and was a little skeptical towards the services delivered by those cooperatives. FL training made him utterly wrong. He has realized that cooperatives are for the community to uplift their life. He is now convinced about the services on saving and credit, loan, interest, fine etc. Thapa now expresses his interest in saving his hard earned money in the nearby cooperative.