Rambabu's zeal and energy on diary business met with conspicuous success

Rambabu Mukhiya a young entrepreneur in his 30ies from Madhavanarayan Municipality in Nepal's Terai region has expanded dairy business beyond his village to Garuda of Rautahat. The life journey took 10 years of rigorous hard work for Mukhiya in reaching this point of life.

Being only a literate person, belonged to poorer dalit caste group Mukhiya faced a lot of difficulties in his childhood. In later days, life became even harder because of his father's untimely demise. During this difficult situation of poverty and scarcity, Mukhiya started working as a worker taking care of cattle at his villager's livestock farm. At the same time, he had the chance to be connected with government supported community led saving group that helped for income generating activities of smallholder farmers. The engagement in this saving group added enthusiasm in Rambabu's life thus, he was able to buy few buffaloes in a joint venture. Later, he generated an idea of collecting milk from local smallholders to supply to the dairy in nearby Garuda Bazar. Doing this business, Rambabu was able to maintain family's daily needs.

Following the success Rambabu involved community led farmers group was further upgraded as smallholder farmers' agriculture cooperative. With good fortune and dedication in work he was successful to become chairperson of newly established agri. cooperative operated by villagers. Within this journey of cooperative; there came Rural Enterprises and Remittances Project (RERP) "Samriddhi" where, the project has been instrumental in farmers business. The connection with RER project promoted farmers to commercialize small livestock business. For example, RER project has supported smallholder farmers through regular meetings and consultation about farmers need, preparing business plan and arranging technical trainings and counseling services on— AI, vaccination etc together with technology support initiatives in co-investment approach through "Samriddhi" fund. Further, project supports farmers for the access to finance services from commercial banks in getting subsidized agri-loan to buy better cattle.

The RER supported cooperative makes net profit of about 75,000 Nepalese Rupees every month and supplies milk to Nepal's largest dairy — Dairy Development Corporation(DDC). The cooperative now collects milk from about 300 milk producer farmers and employed 4 full time staffs.  Besides, Rambabu admits, daily business has not only helped him personally to make his living but also enabled to gain respect and recognition within the community.