Financial Literacy Training made me realize 'I really can do'

Gita Bhandari is one of the participants of Financial Literacy (FL) training conducted in Urlabari,Morang. There is no reliable source of income in her family except a small local shop (Ghumti Pasal) that is owned by her mother-in-law. As she reported her husband does not earn enough to support the family and family's economic status is poor.

Bhandari as homemaker was compelled to spend most of her time in the household chores. Before attending FL training she always hesitated to speak in mass as she did not have chance to participate in programs that were targeted to flourish the livelihood of communities. The FL training provided by "Samriddhi" Project in collaboration with cooperative gave her the chance to feel different within herself and empowered. After the training, she feels her confidence level has been significantly heightened. In her smiling face she said — "Now I can speak confidently. Certainly, I will share everything taught in the training with my family and friends."     

In the training she learnt about the importance of sharing financials concerns in the family. Especially, about how to fulfill family needs through effective financial management tools. She learnt that financial concerns must be openly discussed among family members. During the training, she became aware about the best ideas of saving, loan management, developing a family budget and so on. She added,  "The most important thing I learnt during the training is that if we are connected with cooperatives they will support to a financial arrangement in our emergency". Further, she shared her plan that she is looking forward to be a member of local cooperative. So she could get financial support from cooperative to start an income-generating activity of her choice.