The IFAD undertook Mid Term Review mission for RERP

IFAD Mid Term Review (MTR) mission for RERP composed of Mr Nigel Smith, Team Leader and Project Management Specialist; Mr Sanjeev Shrestha, Business Development Specilaist;, Mr Carlo Spinello, Financial Management Specialist; , Mr Hari Dhakal, Procurement Specialist; , Mr Krishha Thapa, MIS, Monitoring & Evaluation, Knowledge Management Specialist;, Mr Michael Hamp, Institutions and Financial Services Specialist (IFAD), Mr A. M. Alam, Economist / Costab Specialist; and Ms Bibiana Vasquez, Migration and Remittances Specialist. The mission was undertaken from 3 to 19 December 2018.

The key objective of this MTR mission was to review the progress of the project since its launch in July 2017. Additionally, the mission also focused on the realistic achievement of the objectives for the project, given the challenges to date, and four years remaining for completion within the context of decentralization.

RER Project Manager Mr Saroj Prasad Guragain and Project Management Team members from Project Management Office (PMO), Itahari including of RERP corridor offices team members joined the MTR mission. The project team  provided an update on  project activities in PMO, Itahari, facilitated fieldwork and meetings with State Ministry and Municipalities.

The Mission presented the draft proposal for future project arrangements being effective from July 2019 on Pre-wrap up with PMO subject to approval from GON and IFAD. The proposed new arrangement included a) Two state Level  PMOs – integrated multi-sector team with single management structure and b) Technical support available from Federal Project Support Unit of Federal PMO. The MTR Mission together with Project’s PMT members also completed wrap up with Government of Nepal’s —Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies and related line ministries at Federal Level in Kathmandu.