First Joint Supervision Mission for RERP

The first joint supervision mission is arranged for Rural Enterprises and Remittances Project (RERP) from 30th October to 12th November 2017. The supervision mission is composed of mission team leader Mr Nigel Smith, Mr Hari Dhakal (Procurement Consultant for IFAD Nepal), Mr Pradeep Shrestha (Financial Management Consultant for IFAD Nepal) and Mr Sanjeev Shrestha (Enterprise Development Consultant for IFAD Nepal). The main objective of this mission team is to help support the smooth operation of RERP in the initial phase of the project.

​On 31st​ October, mission team visited AEC team (AEC CEO, AEC Managing Director, AEC manager and AEC Staffs) at Kathmandu. The AEC Manager presented about the AEC activities that were carried out during the preliminary stage of RERP. The Mission team also visited the president of FNCCI, Ms. Bhawani Rana and discussed about the RERP related activities.

On 2nd November, mission team visited central office of RERP, the Project Management Office (PMO) at Itahari. The Project Management Team (PMT) presented the overall progress status to the date. This presentation session was followed by ideas sharing and possible way forward on different thematic issues to be successfully applied in the project.

3rd November Workshop was facilitated by Mission team members followed by discussion and clarity on important project themes such as  i) Decent Employment ii) Micro- Enterprise in the Local Market iii) Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSME) Supply Chain for Non-Agriculture and Agriculture iv) Migrant Families and v) Migrant Workers.

Managing Director of AEC/FNCCI, Dr. Dinesh Parajuli participated the workshop. Representative from one of the project working districts – DCCI Morang, Mr Kishor Pradhan also joined and shared the ideas on viable industries of Eastern Region in linking Small Micro Enterprises and Industries with the project.