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यस आयोजनाको टेलिफोन नम्बरहरु मर्मतको क्रममा रहेकोले कार्यालयको अत्यावश्यक कार्यको लागि निम्न मोवाइल नम्बरहरुमा सम्पर्क राख्नुहुन अनुरोध छ । सम्पर्क नम्बरहरु १) ९८०१५६४९१३ प्रशासन शाखा २) ९८०१५६४९१४ सोधपुछ शाखा

Goat Meat Producers in Okhaldhunga gets premium price

Okhaldhunga, Siddhicharan Municipality- Betini 10: Before the RER Project intervention goat meat producer farmers used to trade in adhoc basis. The traditional practice has been replaced when project facilitated both farmers with business people thro...

Pre-Departure Orientation

MRC Kalaiya, MRC Gaur and MID Garuda conducted the first level of Pre-Departure Orientation on 14th -16th Falgun, 2076 simultaneously to the prospect migrant labour about the safe foreign employment process. The orientation was approximately held f...

First lot Matching Grant Signed

Feb 20th, 2020: RER Project Management Office- Itahari,Sunsari signed agreement for Matching Grant with group members from 16 project working district. A total of 89 farmers group have been selected for the first lot on project selected supply chain...


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