• Joint Supervision Mission to RER Project
  • RERP joining hands with the local government
  • SMT Meeting Glimpse
  • Participants in the Multi-Stakeholders Platform Workshop
  • Interaction with project group members
  • Understanding issues on migration
  • Glimpse of B2B interaction on Fish Supply Chain
  • Project activity on Rural Finance component

Recent News

Project activities at community level on Rural Finance component

In meeting the project target to provide Financial Literacy for 2,10,000 project beneficiaries under the Rural Finance project component. RER project has continu...

RERP joining hands with the local level institutions

According to RER project design reports approximately 100-110 local level institutions — municipalities and rural municipalities will be working together with the project. The Memora...

Update on project activities at implementation level

RERP has already initiated multi-stakeholders’ platform workshops in project working areas at provincial level for selected 4 supply chain commodities of the first batch in Milk, MAP...

Glimpse of Senior Management Team(SMT) practice

RER Project has been practicing SMT meeting composed with the team of 10 members that includes —institution head as chair, thematic lead of project compone...


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